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Managing the neighborhood has never been so simple


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GesVecinos is an app that anyone who manages a building or a neighborhood should have. You can use it to control any aspect related to the administration of maintaining a building or a neighborhood without having to accumulate piles of paper that end up getting lost.

GesVecinos offers many features, but it is still simple and intuitive, so anyone can use it without any trouble. All the features are organized in four categories: finance, meetings, community, and Internet.

In the finance section, you can keep track of everything related to the community's finances, like invoices, accounting, banks, employees, and providers. You can use it to keep track of payments from each member of the community, including debts and general accounts.

In the meetings section, you can write down who attends the community meetings and ideas to have in mind, as well as different document templates.

In the community section, you can keep track of the common areas and private property that need maintenance.

The Internet section can be most useful for the manager. It incorporates a shortcut to any current legislation that you might need to know related to the building or neighborhood.

In short, GesVecinos helps put an end to the kind of bad management that causes problems for the community.

Fully working, limited to 15 uses.